The last couple of years, cats developed the reputation of being kind of mean. They have an attitude that it’s hard to pin down, they just sit there and slay everyone. And now, that everyone is on their smartphones we entered a golden era of cat photography. In the list […]

Pictures Of Cats Being Too Bossy

You can never get enough ideas about how to make the trendiest piece of wardrobe this year: distressed jeans! We told you how to do them here, and then in a another video so you can get the most out of each pair you have at home. And now, we have […]

DIY Jeans Saving – Distressed Denim

Today t-shirts with pictures, slogans and logos ranging from the private to the political and commercial are almost universally accepted. This wasn’t always the case. Until the half a century ago a t-shirt was only an underwear garment. The explosion of freedoms prompted by the counterculture and civil rights movements […]

5 Cool DIY T-Shirts

The nail art front is always full of surprising new trends and buzz-inducing patterns! As a page which always tries to keep its finger on the cultural pulse, we always strive to bring you the latest of the who’s who and what’s what in the fashion world. Now, high-heel nail […]

The Nail Art To Walk Over All The Other Nail ...

DIY is probably the best trend we’ve had these past few years. Why? Because a girl was so inspired (and so crafty) she managed to make her own wedding dress! She wanted to be able to say she made her own dress, and what inspired her more was the fact […]

This Crafty Woman Made Her Own Wedding Dress!

Alot of people are born with color blindness, and there are plenty of different variations, based on what colors the person may see. Contrary to popular belief, color blindness is not actually being able to see no color at all. Although that kind of variation of the condition exists, a more […]

This Is How The World Is Seen By People Who ...

When it comes to DIY, there are materials that are considered classics: pallets, wood, old furniture, and cement. But what about Doing It Yourself with rare and unusual materials you wouldn’t think of? The beauty of the DIY ethic is that literally anything is a possible project, and that’s no […]

Eleven Brilliant DIYs Made With Rare, Unusual Materials

Cleaning your house is somewhat like making your bed, isn’t it? A necessary effort that is inevitably undone in hours. If you sometimes feel like you have spent a depressing chunk of your precious life doing a cleaning chore, this might cheer you up. There is a way to keep […]

12 Hacks That Will Make Cleaning Less Of A Chore

Aform of macarons was beeing produced in Venetian monasteries as early as the VIII century A.D. It wasn’t until the Renaissance, though, that other parts of the world started enjoying this unique delicacy. When Catherine de’ Medici married Henry II of France in 1533, her Italian pastry chefs brought the […]

Panda Macarons Are Taking Over The World, But The Pastry ...